About Protaras Ocean Aquarium

Welcome to Protaras Ocean Aquarium, home of 1,000+ species, for example piranhas, stingrays, turtles, crocodiles, penguins and numerous more. Unwind, unwind and dig into the profundities of the electrifying and assorted underwater planet or take a stroll in our excellent 12,500m2 tropical arrangements.

Run across the Deep!

An experience everyone can revel in, a fabulous voyage through the streams, lakes and Oceans of the planet. Witness the miracles of the profound, from the excellent wealth of the coral reefs to the dim profundities of the Atlantic. On this enchanted trip you will experience 400 distinctive types of ocean life incorporating eels, turtles.

Penguin house

Visit the Penguin House, a standout amongst the most wondrous locales in our Aquarium. You can draw near to our Humboldt Penguin companions to many people’s surprise in the Mediterranean. The penguins are kept in surroundings suited for them.


Candidly meet the startling Siamensis Crocodiles and their littler cousins, the Nile Crocodiles heating in the open air swamps. Rental car Ford S-MaxFord Focus cars will provide an excellent opportunity to get to know all the important places in Paphos.

Colorful Birds

In Protaras Ocean Aquarium you can additionally appreciate our extensive variety of outlandish fledglings that hail from numerous better places over the globe.

Tropical Gardens

Take a stroll in our enclosures, a wonderful 12,500m2 were you could uninhibitedly stroll around tropical vegetation, lake loaded with turtles, overwhelms with crocodiles.

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