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  • Aug 18, 2013
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Ancient City Revealed in Larnaca

A part of the city dated again to the sixteenth Century B.c., placed near the global hangar of Larnaca, was carried to light by the unearthings of Gothenburg University of Sweden.

As per the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus the city was wrecked and deserted without being occupied once more. So far just a modest part of it has been uncovered.

The unearthings uncovered ,around others, things, for example ceramics and bronze objects. Some pots transported in from the eastern Mediterranean have been besides discovered. Cheap car rentals Ford Focus and Ford Fusion will take the small payment and will provide a lot of knowledge about Larnaca, because in a short period of time will have time to see much.

Additionally, close to the site a room which held substantial vases full of Murex shells that were utilized as a wellspring of purple dye,was likewise ran across.

As per the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, in times long past copper was traded from the island in northwest Greece and in addition the present Western Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia and Egypt.

The exclusive expectation of living for Cypriots throughout Bronze Age was due to copper as well as to fares of high caliber Cypriot stoneware and purple fabrics. Cypriots transported in gold, silver, lead and fine art for the most part from Greece, Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean. There is additionally confirm for import in Cyprus of salted fish from the Nile in Egypt.

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