ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship opens in Limassol

The 2013 Sail First ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship had its opening service in Limassol, Cyprus, with ISAF President Carlo Croce authoritatively respecting 351 mariners from 61 countries. Sixty one banner bearers and their groups paraded from Limassol’s old palace towards Limassol promenade where nearby individuals, voyagers, families and companions went to view the display.

Throughout the parade the groups were joined by percussion aggregate Patoukinio before delegates of the national groups conveyed water from their nation to the focal amphora (ceramic compartment) before it was spilled into the ocean. Car hire Ford KugaFord Mondeo without a driver will effekt synergies and hasten to direct you to the right place in the right time.

Discourses were conveyed by ISAF President Carlo Croce, Cyprus Sailing Federation President Giannos Fotiou, Cyprus Sports Organization President Pambos Stylianou and Mayor of Limassol Andreas Christou.

Tending to the mariners ISAF President Carlo Croce said, ‘for more than 40 years this occasion has been going on and numerous mariners who have begun off at this occasion have gone onto ended up World Champion, Olympians, America’s Cup mariners and Ocean heroes. I suppose and trust the jocks whose own dream will take shape her

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