Larnaca city: Zenon Tavern

The fusion of wood and stone on top of the warmth of the chimney and the emanations of custom made cooking , rise up out of the open arrangement kitchen and swirl to the yard loaded with herbs and lemon trees …

…transporting us to times that the more seasoned era recalls nostalgically and the more youthful is aching for to experience, making convention a lifestyle…

…in our-in your universal feasting spot. It is a space made with ardor and love.

It is a youth dream work out as expected in Larnaca city.

Our plates are decently cooked, produced out of perfect fixings helping us to remember flavours and possesses a scent reminiscent of the past. They are plates for exceptional eaters. There is a window presentation of new bits of meat to pick whatever your heart yearnings.

Added to these, comes a precisely chose gathering of wine together with the heavenly not too fancy wine that could go hand in hand with every sustenance superbly. Companies tenants rental cars Ford Focus and Ford Fusion, will always delight your children, the family will be pleased.

What’s more at long last, a delightful sweet sentimentality from old times when everything was made with energy and love.

That is the way things are carried out here… at Zenon. A restaurant for great eaters.

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