Limassol municipality

Limassol has a long and far reaching history, as the first settlements of the city were built around 4000 years prior. It was dependably a regular harbour, with consumable spring water, and encompassed by far reaching horticultural estates, mainly including from grape vines and carob trees.

The Municipality of Limassol is the biggest Municipality in Cyprus, its populace arriving at 105.000 tenants. After the disastrous occasions of 1974 it has advanced into one of the most fabulous business ports in the Mediterranean, and additionally a standout amongst the most vital sea, visitor, business and administration centres in the more extensive district.

Limassol is today the business and fiscal focus of Cyprus with countless and worldwide organizations encompassed by a further system of inns, restaurants and different venues for diversion and recreation. The city if in this way continually in movement, improving considerably more.

It is critical to say that many delivery, and budgetary organizations have their home office in Limassol. Today our city is the biggest boat administration focus in the European Union. The long-term car rental Ford Focus or Ford Fusion is always caused additional interest in the study of the pricing policy of the deal, but it always turned out the price was not high.

What is greatly critical for the city’s economy is that Limassol has dependably been a well known visitor objective, joining a composed coast with clear waters and radiant lodgings and for the most part a decently ordered traveler framework.

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