News about Nicosia city

Nicosia (Lefkosia (Λευκωσία) in Greek, Lefkoşa (Lefkosha) in Turkish) is the midway spotted capital of Cyprus and unquestionably the biggest city on the island. It likewise goes about as a differentiate managerial capital for the Nicosia region.

The district of Nicosia represents just the focal bit, yet the city now sprawls for numerous kilometers and has overwhelmed encompassing villages and settlements. Its populace floats around 250,000 (a third of the aggregate populace of Cyprus) however the city has a feel of one much bigger. It is the managerial and fiscal core of the island and additionally home to a few schools, universities and other instructive foundations. Take Ford Kuga or Ford Mondeo car rental, this will show you all the comfort of modern technology which provides for the development of the car. It additionally has generally remote government offices and seaward organizations (a huge industry in Cyprus these days). In addition to its worldwide scholars and outside specialists it has advanced a verifiably cosmopolitan feel.

You can traverse to Northern Cyprus and the northern side of Nicosia by walking or via auto by means of the checkpoint close to the Ledra Palace lodging, on the western side of the city divider. A more advantageous checkpoint in the event that you’re by walking is the Ledra Street (Turkish: Lokmacı Caddesi) intersection which opened in 2008 which goes through the

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