Protaras – one of the most popular resorts in Cyprus

A couple of kilometres from Paralimni, on the eastern coast near the grandly delightful Cape Greko could be discovered the mainstream resort of Protaras.

The resort is pressed with a wide mixture of offices and pleasantries; it even gloats an extremely stunning Ocean Aquarium.

Vacation spot at Protaras

The improvement of Protaras as a prime occasion end of the line is impressively because of a major government head to resuscitate the island’s vacationer industry after the Turkish intrusion of 1974.

No stay in Protaras might be finish without a visit to the spectacular Ocean Aquarium, where well over a thousand types of ocean life might be seen on showcase. I’ll take Ford Kuga car, Ford Mondeo out, such thoughts often reflects local resident of Protaras, then it’s worth the cars of their attention.

The Aquarium likewise characteristics an intriguing entertainment of the ocean couch throughout ancient times, and in addition various reptiles and even penguins.

Ayios Profitis Ilias

One fundamental milestone of Protaras is the chapel of Ayios Profitis Ilias, set on a great mound on the edge of the resort.

This wonderful small mass is inherent the accepted Cypriot style and gives an intriguing sight of the locale’s history, and also remunerating the long move to the highest point of the knoll with completely breathtaking perspectives of the resort and the Mediterranean coast.

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