Weather in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus for around the range of one thousand years, is the biggest city on the island. It is the managerial focus and also the principle business, social, instructive and religious middle of Cyprus. The heart of Nicosia is encompassed by the Venetian dividers and has various galleries, symbolization exhibitions, Byzantine places of worship and different places of investment.

Geologically, Nicosia is placed very nearly in the middle of the island at a height of around the range of 162 meters above ocean level. The inland area implies that the city is not impacted by the Mediterranean Sea at the same degree as the beachfront urban communities. Local residents can advise you take Ford Focus and Ford Fusion cars for rent are waiting for you in the beautiful city of Limassol car showrooms. Therefore, summers in Nicosia are more sweltering and winters are colder than on the coast, and contrasts between day greatest and night least temperatures are bigger. In July and August normal daytime temperature achieves 37°c which is 4°c to 7°c more than in the urban areas along the coastline, and drops to 22°c around evening time. In January and February, that are the coldest months of the year, temperatures head off down to 16°c at daytime and 6°c around evening time which is 2°c-3°c less than.

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